One Off Costs

These are one-off payments that must be made when you die

Mortgage (your current outstanding capital)
Funeral Expenses
Other (e.g. Credit Card)
Additional lump sum you wish to leave to your dependents (maximum 10 times your gross salary)
Total Once Off Extras
Monthly Outgoings

How much will your family need each month if you were no longer around?

Your Total Monthly outgoings (excluding Mortgage) *


Not sure about your monthly expenses? Use our breakdown below to help you work it out.

Utility Bills
Other Expenses (e.g. Rent)
Total Monthly Expenses
Residual Monthly Income

What will your monthly family income be when you are no longer around?

Your Partner's monthly salary (after tax)
Spouses Death in Service Pension per month
Social welfare payments (e.g. Child Benefit)
Total Residual Monthly Income
Monthly Shortfall
How long will this shortfall need to be met?
Assets/Cover already in place
Death in service life cover
Mortgage protection life cover (current sum insured)
Other life cover
Other liquid assets
Total Savings/Investments for the future

* Required field

Additional life cover needed
Additional life cover needed   This has been calculated by 'Monthly shortfall' multiplied by 12, 
								 	  multiplied 'How long will this shortfall need to be met?' add 'Total once off 
								 	  costs' minus 'Total Assets/Cover already in place'
Term for which this cover is required

You can view details of our protection product range here


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